Vikings war of clans shaman

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Vikings war of clans shaman

Let's say that your Shaman is at the first Initiation stage. The maximum level for this stage is If you want your Shaman to reach level 11, you will need to upgrade the Shaman to the next Initiation stage. The maximum Shaman level at the second Initiation stage is This means that the Shaman can reach level 60 only at the final, sixth Initiation stage. Visually, Initiation stages differ by the background color on the Shaman's icon.

A Shaman that has just has been summoned has the first Initiation stage. To increase a Shaman's Initiation stage, you need to collect a certain number of Charms the same items that are used for summoning Shamans. Then open the information about the Shaman whose Initiation stage you would like to increase, and hit the yellow icon. Please note: when you collect the number of Charms required for one of the Shamans to proceed to the next Initiation stage, the marker — an arrow pointing up — will appear.

It will be displayed:. If only the Hero is on a march, only the Hero receives experience, and vice versa. If both the Hero and a Shaman are on a march together, both receive the experience.

You can increase a Shaman's experience by using the Book of Mysteries item. To do this, you need to open the information window about a Shaman in the Hall of Mysteries, hit the blue circle in the lower left part of the window, and apply the items. The required number of items will be automatically taken from the My Items tab.

Please note: you cannot use Books of Mysteries from the Item Store, since these are used for increasing the experience of a particular Shaman, including inactive ones.

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The number of all the items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Bonuses section. A Shaman who has reached the maximum level for the current stage stops receiving experience points, and applying the Book of Mysteries will not help in this case. This situation will continue until the Shaman proceeds to the next Initiation stage. The basic amount of power of a Shaman that has just been summoned is 1, units, and the maximum possible amount of power isunits. Shaman's power restores automatically over time.

You can increase the restoration speed by upgrading the Shaman's Skills, learning Knowledge in the Oracle, activating Town Skins, and placing your Town in the Valley of the Aesir.

Spiritual Shamans and Shameful Ghosts

Remember that power is restored for the active Shaman only. Power for a Shaman is just like energy for the Hero. The required number of items will be automatically used from the My Items tab. You can purchase Shaman's Power in the Item Store for Gold or as part of Bank offers, as well as receive it as a reward for entering the game daily. The number of all the items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Military section.

There are a total of nine Shamans and each one has a unique specialization. It's important to remember that bonuses work only if the required Shaman is active. The values of bonuses increase together with the Shaman's level. In the Forge, you can craft equipment of any level, but a Shaman won't be able to wear a piece of equipment that has a higher level than the Shaman.

vikings war of clans shaman

Like the Hero's equipment, Shamans' equipment is inlaid with gems and runes that are necessary for obtaining various bonuses.

Slots for Hero's equipment are available from the beginning of the game, but to unlock slots for any Shaman's equipment, you need to upgrade certain Skills of this Shaman first. There are a total of six equipment slots, and one — Helmets — is unlocked by default.Can you see the dark clouds gathering over your enemies?

In Vikings: War of Clans, Shamans are your allies. They fight Ghosts, lead troops on marches, and give significant economic and military bonuses. First of all, you need to build the Hall of Mysteries.

There you can summon and upgrade Shamans using special items — Charms. In general, there are six Initiation stages of a Shaman. To upgrade the Skills, you need special points that you get when your Shaman reaches a new level. For example, Sibba the Bloody influences killer stats, Einar the Free affects siege stats, while Baggi the Big increases the building speed and resource production.

Vikings can achieve greatness only by working together with a wise associate.

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The moment Shamans set foot in the northern lands, the smiths started crafting equipment for them. In Vikings, Shamans do not only lead troops and give various bonuses but also banish unique opponents — Ghosts. By attacking cruel Ghosts and yielding resources in their Shelters, the Shaman gets rune fragments. In Vikings: War of Clans, runes are of great importance: they increase the economic stats of your Town and the military stats of your troops.

To create a rune, you need to have the necessary number of fragments first. By fusing four identical runes in the Rune Workshop, you get one rune of a higher class. Only your Shaman and Hero are able to destroy the cunning enemies — send them on a march to liberate your lands and get a reward!

Vikings: War of Clans. Play for Free OR. Shamans Can you see the dark clouds gathering over your enemies? Ghosts In Vikings, Shamans do not only lead troops and give various bonuses but also banish unique opponents — Ghosts.

Read more Update in the lands of the North. What is hyperfarming? How Vikings: War of Clans has changed in a year and a half.Shaman's Skills give additional bonuses to a wide range of important parameters that directly affect the combat stats of your troops led by the Shaman and the economic stats of your Town. To upgrade a Skill, hit its icon. Shaman's Skills available for upgrade have a bright colorful icon, unavailable Skills are colored gray.

Vikings War of Clans new update: Ghosts, Shamans, big changes!

To upgrade the Shaman's Skills, you need Skill points. You can get them by increasing the Shaman's level. At level 60, the Shaman collects enough points to unlock all Skills.

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Upgrading the Shaman's Skills doesn't require resources or Gold and is performed instantly. The Skills icon displays a total counter that indicates the number of Skill points available for distribution.

The Skills in each category are set out in a specific sequence. To unlock some Skills, you need to first upgrade the previous Skills connected with it. If the requirements for upgrading a Skill are not met, then the required number of Skill points the number is shown in red will be displayed in the upgrade cost block.

Skill points earned by one Shaman cannot be used to improve Skills of another Shaman. Please note: the maximum level of a Shaman depends on the Initiation stage. This means that the number of Skills that a Shaman can upgrade is also restricted by the Initiation stage. It's important to remember that every Shaman has their own Skills tree. Depending on your preferred play style, you can use various Shamans and upgrade the different Skills of these Shamans.

You can reset the Skill points of both active and inactive Shamans. To do that, you need to open the Shaman information window in the Hall of Mysteries, go to the Skills tab, hit the "Reset Skills" button, and apply Rebirth. It is applied only for Shamans who have at least one Skill point distributed.

The number of all the items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Bonuses section. Main page. Shaman stats.But how do you create the Armor, do you need some special Materials what you need to grind or to Forge, What??? I've still not found anyone who is telling us how we need to create these armor sets, and everybody I'm asking even ingame doesn't have a qlue how they need to create the Armor for the Shaman.

Currently I have Baggi set up for building cost and speed with the best gear available. There is no Shaman Amour gear for that, so I have chosen the Petrel cloak, until I find something better. Any suggestions. Boots are another quandary. I haven't decided on what to use yet, so lets hear what others think. Baggie gear is for building mostly.

The best gear you have to make sometimes calls for other shaman gear to make first. You can make this gear by following what gear you want. Just have to look through shaman gear.

Also in your knowledge you need level it up to unlock other items you can make. This will effect your other shamans you get along the way. If you buy packs with shaman charms I would suggest limit it to three shamans. You need a scout, one you specialize in, Raine is essential for big events later on. Also we are recruiting if new or experienced players would like join us.

For more information you can email me personally at ceozane gmail. I am General Hyde MC. When different clan members do clan dailies, I would expect the total number of loyalty points in the clan store to go up, but I'm seeing different totals for different members. For example, if member A earnsvia dailies and member B earns 50, I would expect each to seeavailable in the clan store. But A seesand B sees 50, Is that right, or should I contact support?

Oh, I see I thought it was pooled for the entire clan. Post a Comment. Baggi the Big Shaman Tips and Tricks. For many people Baggi the Big is the only shaman they will ever get to maximum level.

The reason behind this is the ridiculous amount of charms required to get a shaman to his last initiation level. Baggi the big equipment Baggi the Big guide Baggi the big initiation level shaman tips and tricks Vikings : War of clans shaman equipment Vikings: War of Clans tips and tricks. Unknown April 24, at PM.

Critic May 17, at PM. Unknown July 3, at PM. Greg February 17, at AM. Greg February 17, at PM.Shamans like heroes add capabilities, have gear and added benefits. You can switch between Shamans for free without using gold as you do with heroes but you manually changed their gear unlike herosets.

There are six Shamans introduced. Each account after level 12 can build the Hall of Mysteries and the Rune Workshop.

vikings war of clans shaman

As soon as you build the Hall of Mysteries you are granted your first and free Shaman: Baggi the Big. I am sure there will be more Shamans introduced as we are missing one for Cavalry and Killers.

So all the Shamans with exception of Baggi you need to purchase the packs in order to get them and grow them. Unlike heroes Shamans have two form of growth stages and levels so unless you increase the stage you will get stuck in a level. In order to level up the stages you need charms.

Baggi charms are available in clan store whereas other shamans you need to buy packs. There are six stages for each Shaman and 60 levels. Your levels go up same way as with heroes by doing activities, attacks and tasks. By upgrading your Hall of Mysteries as well as your new Shaman knowledge tree you can boost your growth faster.

You also are provided a boost for Shamans Experiencewhere you can apply to increase the speed of applying experience by activities. Shamans can bring a lot more power to your account, and help you produce more and save on buildings and knowledge.

By upgrading to each stage you increase the benefits for each type of shaman and by leveling up you get points for your skill tree as you do with hero. Once completed it adds considerable amount of power. With Shamans you were also introduced Ghosts that appear as invaders did for heroes.

Shamans fight these Ghosts to get prizes and ruin fragments. Then in the Rune Workshop you get to fuse fragements into one rune which then you need to fuse and build up. Runes like gems add bonuses to your shaman and hero gear. But are harder to get and fuse and cost a lot of silver to fuse them.

Shaman's Experience

The Shaman knowledge tree like the hero knowledge tree also has benefits for defense and attack. However keep in mind it is designed with a lot of interdependency and uses a lot of resources to level up this tree. But it definitely helps specially for bigger accounts. As runes are given in fragments and by fusing you start at simple level and you need four to fuse up each level to finally get to legendary runes.

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Inga the Wise helps with Knowledge and Troop Training Wendla of Shadow is for your scouts and spying Ulf the Brave is for Melee strength Stieg the Sharp is for Ranged strength Einar the Free is for Siege strength And it is not free So all the Shamans with exception of Baggi you need to purchase the packs in order to get them and grow them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.An upgraded Shaman is very important for increasing your Influence.

Shamans not only grant you bonuses to various Town and troop stats, but they are also essential on marches for invaluable runes. Shamans can also lead your troop in Onslaughts. All Shamans are summoned once and for all in the Hall of Mysteries. To do that, you need the required number of Charms.

Each Shaman has their own Charms. There are also special Ghost Hunt Competitions for each Shaman, where Charms are given for passing checkpoints. Charms are also required to increase the Initiation stage of a Shaman and unlock 10 new levels. There are a total of 6 stages and, correspondingly, 60 Shaman levels. On level 60, a Shaman collects enough points to unlock all Skills.

If necessary, points can be redistributed by applying the Rebirth item.

vikings war of clans shaman

You can craft equipment of any level in the Forge, but to put it on, the Shaman must be upgraded to the corresponding level. Find out about the bonuses of Legendary runes on the forum. Like your Hero, you can send your Shaman with your troops on an Onslaught. Moreover, only a Shaman can fight special enemies — Ghosts, which requires power. The maximum available power reserve isunits. Remember that power restoration only takes place for an activated Shaman. What makes Ghosts especially useful?

Their unique drop — rune fragments. There, you can also fuse the runes you already have and improve their quality. By default, the available class of a fused rune is Simple. To fuse runes of a higher quality, you need to learn the appropriate Knowledge in the Shamans tree. Runes give you substantial bonuses and can be inlaid only in Legendary equipment. Ghosts are placed on the Global Map by the same logic as Invaders: the further from the Place of Power, the lower their level, and defense and health stats.

There are a total of 9 Ghosts in the North, but there can be no more than 2 types at the same time on the Global Map. Every Ghost has their own drop set. The Abyss Guard will unwillingly share the following rune fragments with a Shaman:. You can view the full drop table on our forum.

Also remember that during Competitions you receive more points for attacking Ghosts than for Invaders.Shamans are characters that works similar to your Hero and give you special bonuses.

Your shamans are located in the Hall of Mysteries and there are currently 8 of them available:.

Vikings: War of Clans – Shamans

The experience of your shaman is gained by attacking Ghostssimilar to your Hero attacking invadersupgrading buildings, completing Tasks and completing Quests.

You can also buy experience as Book of Mysteries in Item store or clan store. The experience gained at any time is boosted by a factor determined by the level of the Hall of Mysteries building and there is also a Shaman's Experience booster that makes all added experience larger during a specific period.

Obtaining experience makes your shaman level up and for each level you get one Shaman Skills point. Max levels are 10 if your shaman is on the first stage, level 20 if the shaman is in second stage, 30 at third stage, 40 at fourth stage, 50 at fifth stage, and maxing at level 60 at the sixth stage. When you reach the maximum available level on the current stage, the experience are displayed as "Maximum" and experience will stop accumulating until you unlock the next set of levels.

Each shaman has 6 stages, named "First stage", "Second stage" and so on. For specific data for each shaman, see that shaman's page. It takes 1, charms to unlock all six stages for a Shaman. When you have obtained enough charms to increase a stage or morea big yellow button appears at bottom of the Bonuses tab for that shaman. A yellow up-arrow is also displayed above the Hall of Mysteries.

You can increase your stage at anytime, there are no minimum requirements - Shaman Experience for example. Power is the equivalent to Hero Energy and is used up when attacking Ghosts. Each Shaman has their own base power level, and carries their power points individually. Each Shaman has a specialised Shamans Knowledge tree with knowledge stages to be activated.

Baggi's strengths are primarily in construction and resource production and Inga's are in Knowledge and warrior training. Ulf gives melee bonuses, Wendla boosts your Scouts, Stieg enhances your ranged troops, Einar supports the siege troops, Elsa supports the cavalry troops and Sibba supports the killer troops. You can swap freely between summoned Shaman as long as your current one is in your town. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].


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